Industrial cutting tool supplier and so much more

  • Provide standard cutting tools & supplies
  • Manufacture special cutting tools
  • Maximum performance reconditioning / sharpening of all standard. high-performance and special cutting tools
  • Application specialists – tell us what you need to do.
    We will research and recommend the tooling required to complete your application or improve current process.

Our Strengths

  • longevity & experience = since 1973
  • focus on cutting tools and applications
  • provide over 200 popular brands
  • finding stock standard tools you require
  • solving manufacturing-application tooling problems
  • making special tools
  • fast modifications of standard tools
  • sharpen-remanufacture used tools
  • online store for purchasing standard cutting tools
  • HELP our customers, we do all the leg work for you

Special Tools

We make special tools, send your sketch of what tool you want and we will make it. Not sure send us the part print and our engineers will design the tool for you from your part print.


Maximum Performance CNC Reconditioning of your used tools you have in house including quick tool modifications.

We Supply Over 200 of
the Most Popular Brands

Being in business for over 50 years now we are able to provide ALL major industrial brands from AB Tool to YG-1.

Check out the Gallery for a mini brand list.


Let’s Shop

Shop standard brand name tools products featuring Harvey Tool, Garr Tool, HTC, Iscar and much more …

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Tool Search/Locate Assistance

This service allows you to give us a Tooling Application, and we will search our sources to locate a tool for you, saving you valuable down time. Let our staff do all the work.

The Reconditioning Center

division of Tool Systems, Inc.

  • maximum performance tool reconditioning
  • we sharpen everything
  • CNC tool grinding
  • make tools from scratch
  • sharpen/recondition your used tools
  • provide quick modifications
The Reconditioning Center
Reconditioning Center tool examples