Great Carbide inserts at a fantastic super low price. Boring, Turning, Milling, Grooving, Threading, On Edge, Cut Off, High Polished Turning Inserts for Aluminum and more.
Standard and High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills, Drill Mills, Drills, Blanks and more.
High-precision round shank carbide tooling. Micro and miniature end mills, ball mills, corner radius mills, CBN & PCD end mills, variable helix end mills, plastic cutting end mills, undercutting end mills, engraving cutters, keyseat cutters, threadmills, chamfer cutters and much more.
Experts producing NOTCH and ON-EDGE threading and grooving inserts, standard turning & boring inserts for tough to machine materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium and High Temp Alloys including polished inserts for Aluminum, Brass and Plastics. Premium quality carbide products.
Maximize Customer Value is the goal from this Carbide manufacturer. Great performing carbide cutting tools at economical prices. Boring, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grooving and Threading tools with innovative designs and new carbide grade technology.
Workholding specialists in low profile clamps. Fixture clamps, knife edge clamps, series-9, machinable fixture clamps, uniforce, ok-vise, pitbull, xpansion, dyna-force, vacmagic, talongrip, versagrip, toe clamps, vise pallets, kopal clamps, miteegrips.
Indexable carbide cutting tools.
Coolant Nozzles, Copper Tubing, Brass Balls, Coolant ports for machinery tool blocks, Spray Tips, Extension Tubes, Flexible and Rigid Copper Tubing, Turret Jets, Cap Jets, Compression Fittings, BugEyes, Lollipop, Check Valves, Manifolds and more.
Premium solid carbide, HSS and cobalt tooling made in the USA. Endmills, Micro Endmills, Threadmills, Drills, Taps & Dies, Chamfer Mills, Drill Mills, Burrs, Countersinks & Reamers. High performance and standard round shank tooling and very competitive pricing.
T.A. Style Spade Drills, HSS and Cobalt Drills, Powdered Metal Drills, Solid and Coolant Fed Carbide Drills, End Mill and Shell Mill Rotary Holders, Collet Chucks and Collets, End Mills, Pull Studs, Retention Knobs and more.

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